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Why Choose HANSE OIL

From inception, HANSE has been successful in building long-term relationships in the financial sector and diversifying its banking partnerships. 

As a growing business with interests throughout the world, HANSE has always sought to establish local partnerships for its investments, such as establishing an independent revolving credit facility specifically for Africa, and creating borrowing bases in the Middle East and the Americas to finance trading operations. 

Such an approach has benefited our year-on-year profitability and enabled us to increase credit lines even through the global financial crisis. Our culture is one of financial prudence. We maintain a strong liquidity position and our assets are optimally financed.


For us, energy is not simply a line of business. It's an integral part of our corporate culture. And we are proud to bring you our experience with the personalized customer service that you have come to expect. We pride ourselves on the skills and knowledge of our team.


We are an independent secrete alliance supported by our independent member-network comprising senior professionals and private Investors with optimistic visions for progress and dedications to minimize failures in so-called 'high risk' sectors.


HANSE offers investment solutions ranging from advisory services to debt and equity capital and equipment and technology finance options to help our clients in the energy and natural resource markets address tomorrow’s energy needs today.


With a global network of energy finance professionals, the company provides capital and expertise that is backed by more than 35 years of HANSE’s business innovation, financial strength and diligent risk management. 


Our business structure constitutes a wide spectrum of HANSE potential Investors or Sponsors, banks and financial institutions ranging from global banks to niche market players for the benefit of our licensed clients and investors worldwide.

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