HANSE Trade Financing

for Cooperations

With the right partner, there are no limits to your business growth. Trade can be highly complex and involves varied risks. We provide a comprehensive suite of trade finance products and tailor-made trade financing solutions to cater to your business’ diverse needs in domestic and international trade.

We offer also Shariah-compliant trade finance products that offers peace of mind to you and your trade partners. For foreign suppliers who require assurance of payment from importers, HANSE provides Stand-by Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantees/Payment Confirmations. Additionally Performance Bonds are offered to exporters who must meet buyer specifications.

We are able to make direct payments to international or local suppliers, and can provide forward exchange contract facilities to hedge foreign exchange exposures. The term of the import finance provided is based on the cash cycle of the products in question and is usually between 30 and 120 days.

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