HANSE OIL Finance Consortium 2019 - latest request to subscribe

We invite the HANSE Community, HANSE Licensees, Investors and private finance groups and brokers to join/subscribe to this consortium. As advised, the privileged Subscription period ends 31.03.2019.

The HANSE Finance Consortium will interact through their Investor Platform with one of the six participating global finance groups and banks. HANSE expects other international will join the consortium in 2019, expanding the network effect and making the consortium valuable for all participants.

HANSE CEO, Dr. Ronald C. Schweitzer, said that the idea for the consortium came from our investors and sponsors, led by SHIMACO Standard Oil and Finance which developed a proof of concept last year. “In working with our clients around the world on a diverse range of blockchain projects, trade finance has emerged as one of the strongest use cases for the technology,” said RCS.

The consortium started in July 2018 with seven international groups and is expected to grow to include additional banks from other countries and as well as trading partners such as shippers, freight forwarders and credit agencies. Most of the participating Consortium Members are also HANSE Licensees and Investors.

HANSE Finance- and Sub-Finance Consortium


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