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Our experience in assessing the cyclic requirements of different industries can prove to be of value for manufacturing and trading companies. Depending on the working capital cycle of a corporate, our dedicated team can tailor specific credit limits to suit the requirements of the client. We can extend the required line of credit either exclusively or under multiple banking arrangements. HANSE Finance is managed by experienced staff who ensure that your application and your documents are processed without any delay.



We offer a range of customized payment plans, simple contracts, rapid approvals and flexible payment structures. As a HANSE License Owner, you can use HANSE Financing to empower your clients and gain a distinct advantage in your sales process with HANSE Finance options. We’ve built our business on strong partnerships and expertise to become an essential resource to our clients, dedicated to their success.


Approach and Pre-Requisites

Essentially, all business negotiations are based on (a) your HANSE Assessment Account and (b) your HANSE License. Financing is granted directly to the Contract Party. The Applicant must have sufficient resources of his own and cash-flow to back his relevant applicatio A vital condition is the confidentiallity of all proceedings and documents until a signed term sheet is in place. As always but even more important in financing a swift/instant communication, and presence of both parties i.e. applicant and broker is required to avoid one-sided termination.

Application Procedures

1. Email-Preadvice of application 2. Business Application w/ Business Plan attached 3. Assess- and License Formalities and Settlement 4. HANSE MoU 'Memorandum of Understanding' 5. Business Meeting(s) 6. HANSE Finance Term Sheet


Eligibility Criteria

Both Applicant and Broker must have a bona-fide reputation, a strong background, and a positive HCI HANSE Conduct & Loyalty Index Rating (100.00) with HANSE (OIL) Group as well good prospect and development potential of a good profitability (Project Finance). Most preferably, the finance- or investment application may have been not circulated in the internet or social networks, or refused by other recognizeable parties in the market. Undertakings and covenants from the Applicant include completion guarantee, funding arrangement of cost overrungs, assignment of isurance policies and offer securtities including underlying assets whether under construction or already construed. Assignment of incomes derived from the project and share pledge of shareholders (Project Finance).

Licensing & Fees

HANSE Finance License

Both the Broker and Applicatant and requested to undergo HANSE Assess- and Licensing Formalities in compliance with HANSE Finance business mechanisms. We submit this invitation upon initial approval of application, your agreement and our invoice. Usually, and after settlement we we issue a conclusive 'Memorandum of Understanding'.


Information or Documents required (extract)

1. Base Finance or Investment Application supported by a business- or project plan. 2. Certificate of Incorporation (copy) 3. I.D, copies of shareholders and legal representative 4. Board Resolution referring to the underlying finance- or investment application 5. Purchase and sales contracts, completion guarantee, cost overruns arrangement, property valuation report, financial statements of the project company and shareholding companies.

Due Diligence

KYC Important Information

Supervisors around the world are increasingly recognising the importance of ensuring that their banks and Investors have adequate controls and procedures in place so that they know the customers with whom they are dealing. Adequate due diligence on new and existing customers is a key part of these controls. Without this due diligence, both banks and investors can become subject to reputational, operational, legal and concentration risks, which can result in significant financial cost. The Basel Committee’s approach to KYC is from a wider prudential, not just antimoney laundering, perspective. Sound KYC procedures must be seen as a critical element in the effective management of banking risks.


Initial Charges and Fees

1. Assessment Account (2019: €1400 pa) not refundable. 2. License Fee (Broker and Applicant) subject to type of application and business 3. Business Meeting Fees, Travel Expenses, if applicable All Fees (except Assess) are refundable on any business transaction concluded within the first 3 months after application.

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