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Assessment and Licensing

Formal finance negotiations require principally Assessment and your Assessment Account. Assess is also the base for your licensing (Finance). Finance (and trade) transactions or its formal negotiation require Business Class Licensing (Broker-, Trader or both jointly in 'PersonaLUnion'). Please contact HANSE Business Class for information and licence fees. Fess are essentially subject to the type of your business and size or turnover of your business. Click here for Assessment Click here for the Online Fee Assessment Questionnaire



Investing in HANSE OIL



Finance- or Investments Application Process

1. Meet 'Assessment Requirements' (liable to fees) 2. Apply for Licensing ('PersonaLUnion') and Financing (returnable fees) We usually issue you a provisional Cover Note based on the HANSE IFTS Indicative Finance Term Sheet upon settlement.


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Offer Process

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HCI Loyalty and Conduct Index (Rating)

Clients are ranked (the 'HCI Index and Rating ') on their ease and performance of doing business with our group, from 100.00 (Excellent) - 109.99 (Poor). A low ranking on the ease of doing business index means the regulatoryis more conducive to the starting and operation of business transactions substantially in view of business transactions with our group.

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HANSE Careers

Email uns here If you are thinking of a career in finance, why not give us your details so we can stay in contact while you decide? We'll send you relevant updates such as HANSE local news, study tips and careers advice.

HANSE Key Transactions FY 2016-2018

USD 376 million project co-financing for an Indonesian mining services company USD 105 million financing for one of the largest education groups in India USD 122 million non-fund based facility to a Korean Company for power project in India USD 104 million loan for setting up a BOPET manufacturing unit in Bahrain, GCC Region USD 72 million multi-currency project financing for setting up an IB curriculum school in Bangladesh


Business Application


Business Meetings




Communication - Phone Calls

For phone calls with our trading- or finance department the following rules apply:

1. All callers must identify themselves by a HANSE Web Customer ID
2. Business negotiations via phone require principally ASSESS and an Account
3. We never return phone calls to callers (except 1. or 2.) and without addressee or subject
4. We do never communicate via social networks, i.e. WhatsApp, Skype, etc.
5. Our employees are not permitted to exchange private phone numbers or email addresses

Our licensed partners are being supervised and hosted by their personal Account Manager(s) with direct email/phone extensions for your comfort.




Other Sections

Islamic Finance

We offer Shariah-compliant trade finance products that offers peace of mind to you and your trade partners. Islamic finance refers to the means by which individuals and corporations, including banks and other lending institutions, raise capital in accordance with Shariah. This centuries-old practice is gaining recognition throughout the world and is seen as a unique form of socially responsible investment. Islamic Finance covers a wide range of financial products and services that are deemed permissible under the Islamic law, and whose ethical nature is even drawing the interest of non-Muslims. Read the full Article here

Bid Support


Revolving Lines of Credit

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Early-Stage Development Financing

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Renewables and Alternative Energy

Our long-term commitment to renewable energy. HANSE & Partners have a substantial and longstanding commitment to the renewable energy and clean technology sectors as a fund and project manager, adviser, financier, and participant in environmental markets. We also actively invest in these sectors alongside our clients.

Trading and Hedging

Access global physical and financial commodity markets. Our presence across commodities markets enables us to deliver comprehensive financing and risk management solutions for our clients. Working capital solutions to help clients finance the purchase and sale of raw, semi-refined or semi-processed commodities. Explore how we deliver comprehensive trading and hedging solutions for our clients. Click here for more information

Become a HANSE OIL Investor

With few exceptions, we seek investments into our company to finance energy- and oil projects worldwide, however, with focus of Africa and developing countries as well as the creation of master plans in an attempt to make our expansion more valueable. Our Group is only as strong as or investors. Through more than 35 years of dedicated service to the energy- and oil markets HANSE Business Partnership has demonstrated that we know what we’re doing—which is why we are the investment choice for a great number investors. We basically accept new investments at various options and levels within the $50,000 - $1,25 Mio range. We will work with you to find the right commitment level for your investment goals. Review this site to learn how we re-invest your funds.

Flight Service

HANSE OIL Flight Service

We fly our valued clients and Investors with private jets from 'office-to-office'.

Finance Process

Finance Application and Approval Prozess

Please find your answers under the following links: 1. HANSE Care Support 2. HANSE Workflow

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